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What’s it like to work in the Compliance Department at DK Holdings

Jaydon, who joined us in December 2021 as Junior Compliance Administrator, has written a blog about what his time with the team has been like so far. Please read on and find out all about ISO certifications, EcoVadis and the laminate machine……

“It’s been a steep learning curve since joining DK Holdings. Before joining, I didn’t know the difference between a metoid bond vs. an electroplated diamond wheel, but I’m slowly getting there now!

 Since starting my Quality Practitioner apprenticeship in December 2021, I’ve been working on a multitude of different subjects alongside my mentor, Debbie Monger, including updating and finding any files for the EcoVadis questionnaire in order to increase our Sustainability Performance Score and attending an external quality audit for ISO 9001.

I’ve also been involved in preparing for a health and safety external audit of 45001 and completing a fair bit of training. Product training was the most fascinating, the range of Diamond Tools we manufacture on-site is so vast and I’ve learnt a lot about the industries we work in partnership with. It is quite imperative in my role to understand our products and manufacturing processes, so I feel that I experience the best of both worlds.

The project which I’ve contributed the most to would be the EcoVadis questionnaire. EcoVadis defines themselves as ‘a provider of business sustainability ratings’ and our first submission to them was graded as a bronze medal. This time we hope to achieve a silver medal with a better understanding of what documents they require, which would be great for us as DK Holdings is incredibly keen on improving their green credentials.

Sitting in on an external quality audit helped me to wrap my head around the quality management system. The external auditor found no issues and was very happy with the overall quality system, saying it was one of the fastest audits he had ever completed. The team was rather pleased with this.

I’ve completed internal training too, including manual handling, GDPR, cyber security and COSHH.  Debbie and I are now finding a way to upload training certificates to our internal database so that they can be easily accessed and linked to the authorisation dashboard.

Oh, and I can not forget one of my other main tasks; laminating! I’ve become somewhat of a pro on the laminator and I like that it gives me the chance to catch up with my colleagues in the other departments as the machine is in a different part of the building.”

Feel free to contact us at info@dk-holdings.co.uk to find out more about our existing ISO certifications and future projects.

Feel free to contact us at info@dk-holdings.co.uk to find out more about our existing ISO accreditations and future projects.

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