Diamond Electroplated Integral Spindle Saws

These diamond electroplated blades are used where it is necessary to cut close into a corner and where a boss or locking nut would get in the way. The blade and spindle are made in one piece and present an absolutely flush side to the work. These diamond spindle saws are also available with side spokes. A number of popular sizes are held in stock, but the diamond integral spindle saw can be manufactured to customer requirements.

OPTIONS: Diameters – 25 – 75mm Configuration –
Continuous Rim or Side Spoke

Note: Can be supplied in a variety of diamond grades and widths. All saws are coated a nominal 2mm down the sides. Please state shank diameter and length when ordering.

Saws coated in 36/44 grit are approximately 0.4mm wider than nominal width.

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