FRP/GRP Composite
Pipe Grinding & Cutting Diamond Tools

These special diamond pipe grinding tools are used in the manufacture of GRP/FRP Composite Pipes.

  • Continuous Filament Winding.
  • Centrifugal Casting.
  • Cross Helical Winding.
  • REKA Double Bell Coupling.
  • Bell & Spigot Pipe Joint.
  • Tools for small diameter pipe (SDP),
    large diameter pipe (LDP) and
    very large diameter pipe (VLDP).

Pipe tools can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs on a relatively short lead time.

Simply supply a sketch, drawing or sample of the item required and we will quote you price and delivery.

Replating Service
Virtually all Electroplated Diamond Tooling can be replated at a competitive rate that saves you the cost of the blank. Either send the actual tool itself or drawing requesting a quote.

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