Electroplated Diamond
Side Spoke Saws

Makes it possible to saw curves without jamming the saw blade and stalling the machine, also allows adequate cutting clearance which is an advantage when cutting straight cuts in thicker laminates. These diamond blades are ideal when cutting, trimming, sawing, cutting curves in reinforce plastics, GRP, carbon fibre and plastic composites.

OPTIONS: Diameters – 25 – 700mm

Note: Can be supplied in a variety of diamond grades and widths. Also with 3 or 4 side spokes each side.

Normally supplied with 3 spokes each side. Larger sizes can be supplied with 4 spokes per side. Saws are made with bore sizes to suit customers’ requirements which should be stated on order.

Saws coated in 36/44 grit are approximately 0.4mm wider than nominal width.

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