Precision Profile Wheels

D.K. Holdings Limited is a world leader in the manufacture of accurate diamond and C.B.N. formed profile wheels for creep feed grinding. The diamond form wheel was initially developed by D.K., originally known as Kendia, and they were the first diamond tool company to promote the concept of creep feed grinding using very accurately formed diamond and CBN wheels for the production of hard metal inserts.


Diamond & C.B.N.
Diamond for: tungsten carbide, ceramics, ferrites, glass, carbon, reinforced plastics and other nimonics. C.B.N. for: high speed and tool steels, etc.

Applications include diamond wheel carbide grinding of tooling and inserts, circular form tools, crushing blocks, thread forms, broach and cam grinding, gear forms and specialised applications.

Very Accurate Tolerances
Profile wheels with tolerances +/-0.005mm dimensionally and 10 minutes on angles are consistently manufactured.

Number of Profiles
With certain profiles it is possible to make more than one form per wheel. This doubles, trebles or even quadruples the life of the wheel for relatively smaller increase in wheel cost. We will advise when submitting quotations where this is possible.

Equipment & Coolant
D.K. Profile wheels should be used in conjunction with a creep-feed grinding machine having adequate coolant supply. The absolute minimum supply of coolant is 40 litres per minute. The use of a centrifuge system delivering up to 135 litres per minute will lead to substantially improved wheel life and surface finish.

Setting up
Each wheel is supplied with a clocking flange or clocking groove depending on wheel thickness. Wheels must be trued to these datum faces for both side and peripheral run-out. Run-out should not exceed 0.003 mm in either direction.


Clearance Angles
Top rake front clearance and helix angles are compensated for in the design of the wheel profile. A suitable wheel is produced from an insert or drawing supplied by the customer. If side clearance is required we can supply split profile wheels.

Grit Size
The grit size on accurate profiles is determined by the profile tolerances minimum radii and depth of profile. We will recommend the most suitable grit size.

Repeat and Strip & Replate
Repeat wheels are supplied at a substantially lower price than the original wheel. A strip and replate service is offered at very competitive prices.

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