Strip & Replate / Redress Services

Manufacturers are continuously looking to improve their green credentials whilst focussing on innovative improvements with their
production processes.

Before Replate

After Replate

Before Retip

After Retip

Using a Strip and Replate service can save up to 40% in tooling cost alone compared to buying a new product.

Additionally, the turnaround of a Strip and Replate service is a lot quicker than manufacturing a new bespoke tool.

By stripping and replating a Diamond Tool, old bodies can be reused which means no more throwing away piles of perfectly good steel bodies.

Recycling at its best!!

 DK Holdings also offers a Redress service for a variety of multi-layer tools, such as metal or resin bond.
Contact Us to find out more.

Have you got worn out or used aluminium bodied wheels?
Get in touch and find out if we can recycle these for you through an innovative process, allowing new rims to be affixed to them, saving you tooling cost and delivery times. Another of our cost-saving solutions valued by our customers worldwide is DK Holdings’ unique retipping service of metal bond core drills.

Contact Us and find out how this can reduce your carbon footprint.

Don't just take our word for it...

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude for your amazing hospitality during my visit yesterday. The comprehensive tour exceeded my expectations, and I commend the remarkable business operations at DK Holding. It is heartening to witness the resilience of British manufacturing in establishments like yours
From a customer in the Engineering Industry
Thank you and your team for dispatching the bandsaw blade I ordered so promptly. It was received a day after I ordered it, an exceptionally fast turnaround which was greatly received and will allow the test program I am involved in to hit its deadline.”
From a customer in the Composite Industry
Many thanks for your help with this. This enabled us to complete some modifications in order to run engines over the weekend as well as a trial fit with the chassis team.”
From a customer in the Motorsport Industry
I have to say, dealing with you guys has been an absolute breath of fresh air compared to some…​
Customer in the Aviation Industry
Very pleased to receive the saw blades and the vanity blade is working well cutting GRP Angle.
Customer in the Composites industry
This is very much appreciated. What customer service!!
Customer in the Engineering industry
Thank you, yet again the service of DK is above and beyond. I really appreciate it.
Customer in the Stone industry
Speedy delivery and fantastic quality. The belts are working well and our customer is extremely happy.
Reseller supplying the Glass Processing Industry
Thank you, yet again the service of DK is above and beyond. I really appreciate it.
Customer in the Floor Restoration Industry
This is very much appreciated, what a fantastic customer service!
From a customer in the Engineering Industry who needed a metal bond wheel redressed urgently.
I just received the Standard Wall Drill I've ordered. Thank you very much of the fast delivery and the friendly customer service.
Customer in Australia
We have trialled the discs on a large blade repair and the feedback is amazing
Customer in the Wind Turbine Industry
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