Oil Mist Lubricator

Air preparation mini filter/regulator and lubricator which filters air and water. The lubricator oil can be replenished without stopping the air line and oil delivery in a perfect mist ensuring a good lubrication to the working parts of the air power tool for maximum efficiency and long life. The semi-automatic drain filter bowl with high quality polycarbonate bowl is designed for long service life.

Compact size up to 1650 litres/minute 55 cfm air flow 1/4″ BSP fittings. Operating pressure range 0.5-8.0kgf/cm² 0.5-7-114 PSI. Effective water and particle removal 5µm filter elements. Operating temperature range 10°-60° (14-140F). Recommended oil type ISO-VG32 the 4-6 drops per minute is adjusted by a screwdriver to prevent unintentional oil volume adjustment.

Oil Mist Unit New
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