Flexible Diamond Electroflex &
Electroplus Material Introduction

D.K.’s flexible material has been developed by our engineers to combine the long life and aggressive cutting action of diamonds with a backing material which has strength and flexibility. This enables diamond tools of various shapes to quickly and economically grind and polish a wide range of hard material including hard metals.

Electroplus is an alternative to the Electroflex pattern and works particularly well when used on discs and belts for the rapid stock removal applications.

The manufacturing process produces diamond islands of identical size and shape with a regular spacing. This has been designed to allow slurry to be freely washed away with the lubricant (water) without any clogging. The overall pattern produced gives the optimum rapid stock removal with the ability to achieve the desired honed or highly polished finish.

Selected high quality diamonds are electroplated with a nickel matrix through a special flexible stainless steel mesh, or a very strong flexible backing cloth, which achieves a very strong fast grinding and finishing product.

The finer resin polishing grades are bonded with a resin matrix on to a very strong flexible backing cloth for a smooth grinding action to achieve an excellent polished finish.

Electroflex and Electroplus products have been designed to be used wet to achieve the maximum performance, finish and life.

Some Electroflex and Electroplus products are available for dry working where appropriate.

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