Ultra Mini 45° Bevelling CNC Diamond
Polishing Routers

For granite & engineered stone bowl cutouts with tight corners and creating a 45° bevelled top edge.
The Ultra Mini 45° Bevelling CNC diamond polishing routers are 20mm in diameter allowing the grinding and polishing of bowl cutouts with very tight corners of 10mm radius and producing a (shape ZS) 45° bevelled top edge. The four metal bond diamond and four resin diamond polishers grind and polish most types of granite and engineered stone. An excellent polished finish is achieved very quickly with long life of the tools. The first four stages of metal bond includes ½” BSP fitting. Stages 5, 6, 7 and 8 resins require an adaptor.
DIAMOND BEVELLING ROUTERS 45° Bevel — Ø20mm x Length 40mm
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