Diamond Precision Reamers

Electroplated Diamond & C.B.N. Precision Reamers for very accurate bore finishing.

The Direxpander® consists of a diamond helical designed sleeve, mounted on a tapered mandrel, which allows the final diameter of the tool to be adjusted to very fine limits. The combination of the sleeve and tapered mandrel produces a tool of great rigidity and the electroplated diamond coating ensures a constant gauging over thousands of components. It is the inherent rigidity in the tool and its unique design which enables it to correct any misalignments of the honed bore that has been introduced by a previous machining operation.

All Direxpanders® supplied are custom made to suit each individual application.

A range of sizes from 6 mm to 60 mm diameter is available. It has been designed to be used after the component has been machined to within 0.05 mm of the required size. The Direxpander® will ream a bore to within 0.002 mm on diameter and leave a standard finish of 16 CLA (0.4RA) in one pass and at the same time correct the bore geometry. Finishes between 8 CLA (0.2RA) and 32 CLA (0.8RA) can be achieved.

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