Electroflex GPS
Diamond Glass Polishing Discs

The Electroflex GPS QRS backed diamond glass polishing discs have been developed to achieve a high gloss finish. The systems comprise of seven grades Red M200 to Orange R12000 and are colour coded with QRS looped backing for easy grade identification.The finish is improved with every grade and the final result only requires working with a felt and Cerium powder.

Repairs to Glass and Art Glass items come in a variety of sizes and DK’s Electroflex GPS systems do too! The glass diamond polishing discs are provided in 100mm, 50mm and 25mm diameter discs. The 50mm and 25mm diameter discs can be used with a choice of four backup pads to suit individual requirements and it is recommended to have one backup pad for each grade of disc used with the small Electroflex diamond GPS system discs..

Soft Foam, Soft Conical Foam & Rigid Backup Pads
electroflex gps
Black, Red & Yellow Diamond Resin Ø100mm Glass Polishing Discs
Ø25 & Ø50mm Glass Polishing Discs
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