Diamond Multi-Bore Tools

DK Holdings’ innovative Diamond Multi-Bore Tools have solved the age-old challenge of producing an accurate, clean hole in composite materials.

Traditionally these holes would have been made using a HSS or Tungsten Carbide tipped twist drill, causing numerous issues with irregular, wrong sized holes being produced. Standard twist drills also lose their sharp edge very quickly, leading to the holes taking longer to drill which subsequently increases manufacture lead time and thus potentially leading to damaged and out of tolerance products or material failure.

DK Holdings Diamond Multi-Bore Tool eliminates all of these problems by utilising the hardness of diamond grains, grinding the composite material rather than ripping through it. Using this innovative product will lead to a clean, accurate bore being produced every time, without the need to replace drills regularly.

DK Holdings’ Diamond Multi-Bore Tools are available in a variety of diamond grades to suit the any composite material being bored and can be manufactured in any size to suit the customers need.

This revolutionary in-house development can also be used for making oval holes when producing interconnecting tubes or pipes being assembled angularly.  

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