Repairlux Professional Repair Kits for granite,
marble and composite stone

The new generation of natural stone repair

DK is now offering the latest technology, quality accessories and the tools required for making near to perfect repairs to granite, marble and composite stone with the new Repairlux Kit produced by Heinrich König & Co KG.

The system makes use of new technologies and offers many advantages, including fillers integrated with adhesion promoters doing away with primers, coloured fillers are already premixed with transparent liquid fillers so these can be directly cured and special mica fillers blended with colour fillers produce a gloss effect ideal for reflective surfaces. Although natural stone is exceptionally hard it can still be scratched or the edges can be damaged and now technicians have developed these kits which can be used on both granite and marble so there is no longer a need for two systems. Finally, apart from the advantageous price, the flexibility of the kit is also ideal for the market as it is available as a complete kit form with replacement components individually available.

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