Flutemaster Flute Grinding & Polishing Machine

The Flutemaster is a new system developed with great improvements from the tremendously successful Gradient system.

The new Flutemaster is easier to setup, lighter and quicker with smoother operation. It incorporates a simple system for height adjustment and will work inside recessed draining boards as well as flat surfaces.

Flutes are ground and polished in minutes rather than hours when using the new Fluemaster system. By using a standard 110v variable speed Flex machine with the unique DK Holdings diamond electroplated and resin wheels, the system will do both grinding and polishing operations without moving the workpiece.

Optional guide wheel available for fluting into contoured shapes eg contour flutes in drainer.

The Flute Master system has been designed to be used wet and is available now in 10mm, 12.7mm, 16mm and 20mm widths, colour coded for easy identification.

Flutemaster Inserts

For detailed information on the fluting wheels go to Flute Polishing Resin Wheels or for the electroplated wheel for grinding flutes go to Flute Grinding Electroplated Wheel.



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