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A Q&A with Electroplating/CAD Manager Phil Wares

We were lucky enough to prise our very own Phil Wares, Electroplating/CAD Manager at DK Holdings, away from his busy workload to discuss all things machining, what makes DK Holdings so successful and how he relaxes away from work.

Hello Phil, firstly we’d like to know more about yourself, how long have you been with Team DK?

“I started as an apprentice years ago and have been promoted up through the ranks, gaining valuable experience along the way. You could say I am a part of the furniture! I now support various areas with the technical experience I hold.”

What materials can be machined within the workshops and what type of machines do you have?

“Within our production halls, which span 4,000 sqm over two buildings, we have conventional and not so conventional, computer-controlled and manual machines. We manufacture Diamond Tools to the customers’ unique requirements in all shapes and sizes which means we can also utilise our machines for subcontract work. We machine various materials, ferrous and non-ferrous, hard and soft.”

How does the company ensure that it follows the highest quality standards?

“All of our staff understand that each is responsible for the quality of the work that they produce. Supporting this is our quality team, and in 2003 we were certified with ISO 9001. Components are inspected regularly, both planned and spot checks. We also conduct regular audits and train and re-train our production teams.”

When and how does the workshop get involved when a customer requests a special tool and what is the process?

“Our skilled production team is very much involved from the moment an enquiry is received. Together we draw on years of experience to arrive at the best manufacturing solution and suggest design improvements where appropriate. The customer requirement drives the whole process which means that quite often more than one person is involved during that process.”

What is the company’s biggest asset would you say?

“Our people are without doubt our biggest asset. The experience that has been gained over the years is used every day in so many ways. This experience is being passed on to our apprentices.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges for subcontract manufacturing and how is the company dealing with those?

“Right now, some of the biggest challenges come from increasing costs, raw materials being just one of them. Our strength lies in investment in both people and machinery. It is too easy to cut back when things get tough. Better to look to the future and be ready for it, whenever possible. We have long-standing relationships with our customers and feel it is important to communicate with them and respond quickly. We are also striving to reach out to other potential customers and let them know we are here.”

Final question Phil – how do you relax away from your duties as Production Manager at DK Holdings?

“Traveling, being in the great outdoors and picking up my toolbox to fix most things mechanical!”

Feel free to contact us at info@dk-holdings.co.uk to find out more about our existing ISO accreditations and future projects.

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